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Storm - X-men - Fanart by gegemac
Ask me some wrestling related asks for bored wrestling fans
1: Current male wrestler
2: Current female wrestler
3: All time male wrestler
4: All time female wrestler
5: Tag team
6: Match(es)
7: Ring gear
8: Pay per view
9: Entrance theme
10: Stable
11: Champion
12: Match type
13: Looking diva
14: Looking superstar
15: Technical wrestler
16: Gimmick
17: Championship design
18: Feud
19: Mic worker
20: Slogan/tag line
21: Wrestling video game you have played
22: Worst entrance theme
23: Worst gimmick
24: Which wrestler would you like to see make a return?
25: Do you follow any independent promotions?
26: One unpopular opinion of yours
27: Who do you consider underrated?
28: What about an over-rated wrestler?
29: Someone who you think would be great with some ring improvement?
30: You get to make your own stable. Who would it consist of? What is their name?
31: Who would you like to be in a tag team with?
32: Who would you like to be in a mixed tag team with?
33: Why do you love wrestling?
34: What/who first got you into wrestling?
35: Raw, Smackdown or NXT?
36: Were you devastated when Alberto Del Rio hit Santa with his car in 2012?
37: If you were on the original NXT who would you choose as your pro?
38: Have you ever considered becoming a professional wrestler?
39: What is your best wrestling related memory?
40: Do you watch wrestling by yourself or with others?
Please do it. Please

It’ll probably explain why I can’t find any good wrestling friends. smh

but the ones I’m following, you guys are cool.

Full of assholes, SJW frauds, and high opinionated jerks. Stay away from me!

I dislike most of the tumblr wrestling community. 


By Odin’s Beard by J-Garou

I didn’t realize how much I wanted this.


I didn’t realize how much I wanted this.


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